Sweet not Sugar is a fully registered food business operating from our verified kitchen. We also have a shop at 5 Montgomery square Nelson, here you can find our full range of baking mixes and our breakfast range. We stock some of our favourite low carb products: sweeteners, drinks, relishes, teas, protein powders, etc. We also sell our fresh cakes and slices and an array of keto savoury items. Sweet not sugar is low carb baking that is sugar free, gluten free, grain free. It is great for diabetics, gluten intolerant, and people eating a low carb Keto diet. No sugar….

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We use a blend of MONKFRUIT, an antioxidant extracted from the skin of the monkfruit. It is naturally sweet, with few calories, and does not raise blood sugar levels. And ERYTHRITOL, a natural sugar alcohol. It has a low glycaemic index, and also does not affect blood sugar levels.

Our kitchen is gluten free. All ingredients are listed alongside with nutritional information/macros on each slice instore.

Our baking mixes are made with the best low carb ingredients.

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PAULA: I am a mum to four beautiful kiddies and a food fanatic from way back! I even became runner up on MasterChef NZ many moons ago and owned a café, Paula’s Plate, in Nelson for 3 years. I meet SAM my partner in 2013 when we did a beer and food matching event together. Turns out we were the best match of the evening. He is a brewer and I basically love food.

My keto journey began early in 2018 when I was chosen to take part in a 12 week transformation program. I went in not knowing anything about keto, and looking back probably would have been quite skeptical had I known. I had not long had my last baby in my forties and I was carrying some excess weight and lacking energy. I never want to feel I am missing out on food or to be hungry! So I was blown away at how easy and satisfying it was to reduce my carbs and start fueling on healthy fats instead. I began to slim down and my energy levels returned – plus some.

The best thing of all is that I became so inspired to use my creativity in the kitchen to start creating amazing cakes and slices free from sugar!

SAM: A brewer for much of my working life, I have always enjoyed the interplay of flavors. I thought I knew a lot, until I met Paula, and she introduced me to a whole other world of flavor! I like to think I introduced her to some new flavors also. We are indeed the best match.

I began my keto journey after having watched Paula’s transformation, although mine was less about weight loss and more about weight management. I have enjoyed being able to eat to my appetite, have sustained energy levels, better mental clarity, and no longer feel bloated from the breads and cereals I was previously eating. I have even been going to the gym, another thing I never thought I would be doing! After all, I am in my midlife, with a teenager and a toddler to keep up with!