This keto cake mix is quickly transformed into your favourite low carb treat, just by adding coconut oil and eggs. Sweet without the sugar, gluten free, and low carb too.

Vanilla Cake mix

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  • You will need – 30ml coconut oil, melted, 4 Eggs

    • In a mixer beat 4 eggs until pale, and very thick and fluffy. This takes approx. 5 mins.

    • Slowly fold through cake mix, and the melted coconut oil.

    • Pour mixture into lined baking tin, or muffin tray, and bake at 180°C for 15 mins. Cake should spring back when touched, or check with a skewer.

    • Once cool, ice with either Sweet Not Sugar raspberry or chocolate icing mix.

    Tips – this mix can also be made into cup cakes, lamingtons, or tiramisu. Check out our social media for recipes.